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How to Ace Your Online Course is a Course

How to Ace Your Online Course



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Course Date:



8 weeks


6 hrs



Course Type:



Badge, Certificate (paid)


In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to maximize your grades in an online course. This includes how to use the structure and theories of contemporary education to your advantage, how to set your own educational goals, and how best to learn with your peers in an online environment. Newcomers to online education will significantly improve their chances of a higher grade. Experienced students will learn to use the specific techniques that instructors look for in the best students. The course is designed for students taking any type of online course, from high school through Ph.D. degree programs.

The course requires the purchase of the book "How to Ace Your Online Course" (ISBN/EAN13: 1500823562 / 9781500823566).

Participants can choose to receive a paper-based certificate of completion at the end of this course from an Accredited University. The cost of the Certificate is $69 for both Domestic (credit card/PayPal/check) and International (PayPal only).


In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use higher education's "customer service" model to your advantage.
  • Adapt to peer-to-peer learning models.
  • Analyze a syllabus in order to maximize your grades and your personal learning objectives.
  • Use proven methods for studying, writing, and quiz-taking.
  • Write "perfect" posts in online discussions.
  • Work efficiently in group projects.
  • Communicate with your instructor.
  • Boost your career and continuing education after graduation.

Course Instructors

Dr. Anthony Birch

Dr. Anthony Birch

Lead Instructor

Dr. Anthony Birch has taught at four online universities and three traditional universities. He has designed online courses and is the co-author of "How to Ace Your Online Course."

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