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Canvas: Build your foundation Canvas Basics Badge is a Course

Canvas Basics Badge

Started Apr 20, 2021
1 credit


Full course description

As you progress through the course, you will cover the Canvas features needed to become First Day Ready and use Canvas as a new Canvas user. 

The course is self-paced and not facilitated but is structured in such a way that you must complete the modules and content in the order presented.  Each of the four modules will contain formative assessments that help you gauge your retention of the information presented. A summative assessment is provided at the end of the entire course. An 80% competency is required to earn a digital badge issued by Instructure through Badgr.  

Learning Goals

  • Customize your Account Notifications
  • Personalize your Canvas Dashboard & Course List
  • Leverage the Canvas Calendar, Announcements & Conversations
  • Set up a Canvas Course with a Homepage, Modules & custom Course Navigation
  • Learn how to use Student View
  • Engage students with interactive activities using Canvas Assignments, Discussions & Quizzes
  • Providing rich, authentic feedback using the Canvas Speedgrader and Rubrics

Course Overview

Module 1: Opening Canvas

Learn how to configure your Canvas Notification Preferences so that you can be notified according to your needs. Then, dive into how to utilize the Canvas Dashboard, from ordering your course cards to personalizing your color choices. Finally, learn how to effectively use the Global Navigation to access the Canvas Calendar and Inbox.

Module 2: Creating a Canvas Course

This module will walk you through the process of creating a Canvas LMS course so that you can be first day ready. You will learn how to create a Home Page, utilize Modules, and access student view to ensure your course is "first day ready."

Module 3: Getting Started with Assignments and Assessments

This portion covers how to build assignments and assessments in your Canvas course. You will learn how to use all of the activity features, including Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes, to engage your learners in your course content. This course also details how to access Student View, where you can participate in your course from your students' perspective.

Module 4: Grading and Feedback

In this section, you will learn how to use the Canvas Gradebook and Speedgrader. You will learn how to provide student rich feedback through Speedgrader and grade Assignments through the use of Rubrics.

Module 5: Wrap Up

This final section provides take-away resources to help you use Canvas with best practices in mind. A review of the key concepts covered in the summative assessment is provided along with that assessment. This module will also provide details on the badge you have earned and where to access that badge.


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