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Sta(r)tistics: Statistics for everyone (HE) is a Course

Sta(r)tistics: Statistics for everyone (HE)



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1-2 hrs/week


See requirement below.

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Although there is a large collection of freely available statistics tutorials available, these are often written and designed by statisticians, going way beyond what most undergraduate and postgraduate students of many science and medical or dental subjects may need to know. Frequently, it is difficult to navigate these tutorials and the language used is complex. This course will allow users of all abilities to gain thorough statistical understanding without relying on mathematical background. The philosophy is: Everyone can learn how to apply basic statistics correctly, you do not need to know the mathematical background of the tests to do this.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently decide which statistical test to use and how to use it.
  • Present your statistical analysis and data in a graphical design of publishable quality for scientific journals.

Requirement: All statistics teaching is based on the software SPSS and access to a copy is required (this does not need to be the latest version). Participants need to know how to use Excel and Powerpoint (or equivalent). Powerpoint is only essential for finalizing the figures to present the analysed data.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to be able to apply basic statistical procedures to laboratory and clinical data. This could be undergraduate and postgraduate STEM sciences or medical/dental students or even lecturers.

Course is offered by the University of Sunderland.

Course Instructors

Katrin Jaedicke

Katrin Jaedicke

Senior Lecturer in Applied Biosciences

In 2005, Katrin graduated from the University of Bayreuth, Germany with a Masters degree in Biology, specialising in Psychoneuroimmunology. She then moved to Newcastle upon Tyne for a PhD in Immunology in Periodontal Research and graduated at Newcastle University in 2010, and became a Research Assistant during her final year as PhD student and continued on as a Research Associate in two post-doctoral positions until 2014. Read More.

Katrin was awarded an NIHR Transitional Research Fellowship in 2015 to pursue her interests in patient applied research. In 2018, Katrin took up the position of Senior Lecturer in Applied Biosciences at the University of Sunderland. She freely admits that it took her 4 attempts to pass the required maths exam for her undergraduate degree and she seriously did not have a clue how to do statistics. However, in the final year of her undergraduate degree, this all changed with one amazing course that she attended. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to continue to learn statistics through online courses or short seminars and can now even master more complex material. Importantly, she has learned when she can do an analysis herself or when she has to call on a statistician for advice.


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