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Making the Transition to Open: The Easy Way to Create, License, and Share Free Materials (K-12/HE) is a Course

Making the Transition to Open: The Easy Way to Create, License, and Share Free Materials (K-12/HE)



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1 hr/week

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The Open Educational Resource movement is still very young and new to faculty. This course encourages faculty to participate in developing and improving OER by demonstrating some simple steps by which materials can be generated or collected, licensed, and shared. It only makes sense that fostering collaboration on and improvement of resources with educational best practices in mind will, ultimately, translate into a more diverse, higher-quality case of materials that educators worldwide can use and continue to make better.



  • Accurately define and identify Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Describe the six Creative Commons licenses.
  • Demonstrate appropriate attribution.
  • Design a plan for incorporating OER materials in a class, curriculum, or college.
  • Design a plan for creating OER materials and how to appropriately license open materials.
  • Determine how to gain permission to use a copyrighted work in an open resource.

Target Audience: Faculty/Instructors in any discipline or at any grade level.

Course is offered by Canvas Network.

Course Instructors

Matthew Bloom

Matthew Bloom


Matthew received his M.A. in English (Research) in 2009 from Saint Louis University. For five years, Matthew has worked to develop and use open resources in composition courses while encouraging faculty to collaborate and share their own materials. He is now researching the effects of open pedagogy as a 2016-17 Maricopa Institute of Learning fellow.


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