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Helping Adults Learn by Using Appropriate Instructional Methods is a Course

Helping Adults Learn by Using Appropriate Instructional Methods

Ended May 24, 2015

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Full course description

Starts April 20, 2015

As an adult trainer, are you sick of the “Death by Powerpoint” style? Are you thinking of using different ways to engage your learners? Do you toss and turn at night wondering if your materials have been effective and useful for your learners? Enroll in this short course to pick up some tips on using a range of instructional methods to engage your adult learners and make their learning relevant and meaningful.

As a needs-based course, we will first determine the type of program you are currently or will be facilitating, and then recommend a range of instructional methods that are relevant to your learners and the learning outcomes for the program.

With the help of video resources, short notes, formative quizzes, and forum discussions, you will engage with the learning materials both individually and with a community of like-minded practitioners. Hear from experts how they adapt these instructional methods for their own facilitation purposes, and start or join conversations to discuss these methods at greater length and depth.

This course is for both new and experienced trainers.

As the course design is based on your needs as a trainer, there is no need for you to work through everything, only what you deem relevant to you. This will take about a week. However, if you feel that you want to find out about instructional methods that are not immediately relevant to you now, you are most welcome to explore the rest of the course. This will take approximately three more weeks.

Duration to complete the course: 1-3 weeks
Certification for completing the course: None
Prerequisites: None
Requirements for participation: None
Format: Self-paced (learn at your own pace)
Instructor feedback: No

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