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What Matters: Understanding Mental Health is a Course

What Matters: Understanding Mental Health

Ended Mar 6, 2015

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Full course description

Starts January 12, 2015

This course is aimed at healthcare workers in the National Health Service (NHS) here in the UK. There is an expectation that course participants will have an understanding of how health and social care is delivered in the UK, and a reasonable knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the various workers found in NHS and social care settings.

However, the material in this course will also be useful for health care workers in other countries, as well as service users and carers. In order to cater for this potentially wide range of participants the materials are organised into “universal” and “advanced” levels. The learning and teaching materials are supported by a drama which unfolds over six episodes, and follows the journey of Mrs. Carol Price as she becomes ill but goes onto recover.

There is no cost for undertaking this course, or for accessing any of the information on the site, or linked to from the site. At the end of the course you can print out a certificate to show you have attended the course. If you require a validated London South Bank University certificate sent to your home or work address then there will be a small fee. See the course for more details.

Topics covered include:

  • Week One: Course Overview and Introduction to Mental Health
  • Week Two: Historical Context and Introduction to Mrs. Carol Price
  • Week Three: Understanding Behaviour Changes
  • Week Four: Assessing Risk for Mental Health Issues
  • Week Five: Effective Communication and Crisis Management
  • Week Six: Therapeutic Interventions
  • Week Seven: Endings and Recovery
  • Week Eight: Closure and Wrap-up

Sally Hardy

Sally Hardy

Professor of Mental Health

Sally Hardy started her nursing career as an adult nurse at Guy's Hospital in London, moving into mental health nursing to gain dual qualification. She continued to work and study obtaining a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Nursing at the Institute of Psychiatry London. Sally then moved to University of East Anglia, where she remained for 10 years, gaining her Doctorate entitled: Contemporary Concepts of Madness, at the Centre for Applied Research in Education.