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Fantastic Fiction and Where to Find It is a Course

Fantastic Fiction and Where to Find It

Started Nov 5, 2018


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Starts Nov 5, 2018




3 hrs/week
6 weeks total



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Fantasy literature as a genre is growing and not only are we seeing a variety of texts in the genre, but also an increased discussion about literature that contains fantastical elements. This course deals with various aspects of fantasy literature: time-travelling fantasy, children’s fantasy, feminist fantasy and horror and fantasy. The course aims not only to give a thorough introduction to fantasy literature, but also to present different aspects of the genre to show how diverse the genre is and at the same time, present tools to critically read its texts.

The course will be open for at least six months, making it easier for you to complete the assignments in your own pace. An extra module is added for this fall, targeting teachers, making it easier for you to utilize the course's material in your own classroom.


  • A basic knowledge about the central terms and concepts of fantasy literature.
  • A basic knowledge of how to interpret and critically read a fictional text.
  • An insight in a few of the most well-known fantasy texts.
  • An insight in various forms of fantasy literature, such as fantasy for children, time-travelling fantasy, feminist fantasy and horror and fantasy.

Target Audience: Life-long learners.

Course is offered by Linnaeus University. Visit their website here.

Course Instructors

Maria Nilson

Maria Nilson

Lead Instructor

Maria Nilson is a senior lecturer in comparative literature.

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