Math Refresher with College Success Tips

Utah Valley University

Jun 17, 2013 to Jul 29, 2013
Cost per enrollment: Free

Enrollment Closed

Full course description

This course is designed primarily for students who will be starting or restarting college within the next year. It will provide math refresher materials covering a wide range of mathematical concepts together with information about success in college.

Incoming college students are typically placed in college math courses based on placement exam scores. Students often take these placement exams with minimal preparation or after a long break since their last math class. The study materials in the course will help students prepare for placement exams, and higher scores mean fewer required math courses in college. Students who have already taken a placement exam (such as the ACT) can also use these materials to study and then retest, hopefully scoring higher. The course will also be valuable for anyone who just wants to refresh their math skills. The provided study materials are individualized based on a student’s current knowledge. Each student will be provided a customized learning path that maximizes efficiency so that study time is spent where it’s needed most.

Beyond math content, the course will also provide college success material such as test-taking strategies, new student orientation, and study techniques. All of this material can be accessed separately from the math content so even if a student is already placed highly in math, or has tested out of it completely, the course will provide valuable information to help the student orient to college and to get the most out of the college experience.