International Health Systems

University of Central Florida

Jan 7, 2013 to Jun 1, 2013
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The purpose of this course is not only to learn about the way different cultures and individuals perceive and approach health care, but also how health professionals and organizations respond to managing health systems and providing healthcare. Most importantly, it is about how you can use this knowledge to continuously improve your performance and that of your peers and influence health services and organizations in your communities.

Healthcare management is now global and best practices from around the world can be applied everywhere, including in our own backyard, and particularly now when we are looking at innovative ways to evolve our healthcare system.

Participants in this course will examine social, economic, and political determinants of health; the evolution of various systems around the world; key health policies and priorities; models of providing health care and insurance; and systems of remuneration, financing, planning, manpower, education, and training. You will review the major determinants of health status; international development and social change around the world and reflect on how these issues and trends apply to our own health care system and society.

Finally the class will participate in an interactive simulation where everyone will play different roles. Some will be members of the Ministry of Health (MOH) team of a selected country and will identify a critical problem to advance the health reform in that country. Other members of the class will work as consultant teams to develop proposals to analyze and solve these priority problems. You will use our interactive platform with several innovative Web 2.0 tools to develop, communicate, and interact with your peers, faculty, and experts with experience in health systems around the world.

The course instructor recommends purchase of a textbook or other course materials. Please see the details below.

Recommended materials: Global Health 101 (2nd. edition, 2011), by R. Skolnik, ISBN: 978-0-7637-9751-5
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Approximate cost: $81