Forums for a Future

University of South Florida

Self-paced, available Sep 9, 2013
Cost per enrollment: Free

Enrollment Closed

Full course description

This course examines the political (world order), economic (globalization), social/cultural (beliefs, values, and lifestyle), and psychological (human capacity for change) forces that are re-defining the quality of life in the 21st century.

Students will leave Forums for a Future with an explicit (written) worldview of their own creation as the basis for developing a coherent sense of self-direction for living peacefully and sustainably on a crowded planet in the 21st century.

Students should have some familiarity with the basic concepts of political science, economics, sociology, and psychology. Although an introductory level course in any of these areas is helpful, it is not necessary.

Much of the material has been published by the instructor as op-ed pieces in newspapers and popular (not academic or technical) books. Any thoughtful person can and should grasp the messages and may simply skip the complicated conceptual writing and still profit from reading the contributions of others. It is not highbrow; it is intended to promote general public civic discourse.

This course is based on a very popular honors level course at the University of South Florida. Participants should have related background and knowledge along with the ability to self-direct their learning.