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University Governance and Academic Leadership is a Course

University Governance and Academic Leadership

Ended Dec 10, 2018

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Full course description

Course Date:

Sep 10 - Dec 10, 2018


13 weeks


2 hrs/week


Bachelor's degree or higher

Course Type:



Badge, Certificate (Free)


The course focuses on key issues related university governance and academic leadership. In the global changing modern society, universities are coping with various challenges and pressures, such as new needs of stakeholders, competition, strategic planning, research and innovation, teaching quality and new skills, pressure on academics, social service of universities, internationalization, etc. How do universities and academic leadership cope with these challenges in the changing transformative era? Are there some good university governance models and good leadership skills to be shared? How does academic leadership differ from other kind of leadership? Can academic leadership be trained and enhanced? This MOOC course will provide you insights on key issues such as university governance structures, strategic planning, managing teams, and change management. This course is contributed by several senior scholars and academic leaders from both the European and Chinese higher education contexts. Rich knowledge, insights, examples, experiences, and cases will be presented and discussed.

Join this international course and share your knowledge and experiences with academic leaders and scholars in this field globally!


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand university governance structures.
  • Understand issues related to university governance.
  • Understand key issues on academic leadership.
  • Develop competences on specific academic leadership skills.

Target Audience: Academic leaders at the top and middle levels, scholars and potential academic leaders.

Course is offered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Course Instructors

Chang Zhu

Chang Zhu

Professor, Instructional Designer

Prof. dr. Chang Zhu is professor in Educational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and director of the EU-China Higher Education Research Center and Director of the Confucius Institute at VUB. She is promoter of several key fundamental research projects and cooperation projects in the field of higher education, internationalisation, university governance, academic leadership and educational innovations. In this MOOC, she is the instructional designer.

Anthony Antoine

Anthony Antoine


Mr. Anthony Antoine has been the Executive Director of the Institute for European Studies (IES) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) since 2002. He is board members of the VUB and is familiar with university governance structures. He has been experienced in executive management for over 20 years. He was CEO of the companies Allied Consultants and Dune Enterprises (1997-2002). In this MOOC, he is instructor and expert on the topics of "University Governance Structures" and "Institutional Academic Leadership Skills".

Antonio Rendas

Antonio Rendas


Prof. dr. Antonio Rendas is former Rector of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa from 2007 to 2017. He is Full Professor of Pathophysiology, since 1982 at the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS). He was Director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (1983-1986), Dean of the FMS from 1996 until 2006. In March 2010 he was elected President of the Portuguese Council of Rectors a position he held until September 2014. He is also advisor of the Consultative Council for Scholarships of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In the last two decades he developed expertise in university government and management at European level as member of the Council of European Universities Association and member of the UNICA Steering Committee.