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Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders (HE) is a Course

Leadership Development for Young Academic Leaders (HE)

Mar 8 - Jun 28, 2021


Full course description

Course Date:

Mar 8 - Jun 7, 2021


16 weeks


2-3 hrs/week


See below.

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Badge(s); Certificate (free)


Are you looking forward to pursue a career in higher education? Are you looking forward to develop leadership skills that will be beneficial for you to become an important player in higher education leadership? This course offers you knowledge and skills related to university leadership, and more specifically in academic leadership (AL). Core topics will include the governance features of higher education institutions, leadership theories and practices in higher education, challenges and innovative strategies of academic leadership for young academics. You will be able to learn and develop leadership based on related theories, practices, sharing of experiences in this field. Join us!


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the university governance features and functions
  • Gain insights about leadership theories and styles
  • Develop competences important for academic leadership
  • Gain insights about challenges and innovative strategies for young academic leaders
  • Develop personal growth path and collective institutional development strategies

Requirement: Anyone who is interested in developing academic leadership is welcome to join the course. Preferably you are one of the core stakeholders in higher education who are interested in developing academic leadership (such as senior higher education students, young academics, researchers, faculty members, academics who takes a leadership role or who are interested in taking up a leadership role in higher education).

Target Audience: Higher Education faculty, young and mid-level academic leaders, young academics, researchers, high education senior students.

Course is offered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Course Instructors

Chang Zhu

Chang Zhu

Instructional Designer

Prof. Dr. Chang Zhu is professor in Educational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and director of the EU-China Higher Education Research Center and director of Online and Blended Learning Competence Center of VUB. She designs a series of MOOC courses on university governance, academic leadership and educational innovations.


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