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Strategic Management is a Course

Strategic Management

Ended Jun 12, 2017

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Course Date:

Apr 17 - Jun 12, 2017


8 weeks


3 hrs/week



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90% of organizations without strategy fail within 12 months. Yet, strategy is not to be written and looked at only by top management.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to create a successful strategy and distribute it.
  • How to measure your business model and fine-tune it.
  • How to use some classical tools like SWOT, BCG Matrics and Porter’s five forces analysis in the current business environment.
  • How to change strategy before it fails you and your company.

This course is an MBA type of course, with many case studies and practical examples - including the business experience of the instructor.


  • Learn why 8 out of 10 companies close within first year.
  • Write and distribute the mission of the company.
  • Employ in practice basic tools for strategic management.
  • Distinguish the difference between strategy and the business model.
  • Practice some basic tools for identifying strengths and weaknesses of the company like SWOT, BCG Matrics and Porter’s five forces.
  • Successfully manage a company to compete in existing markets and to find new niches.
  • Pivot the strategy to avoid hurdles and traps of overplanning.

Target Audience: Current or prospective managers.

Course is offered by Vistula University.

Course Instructors

Krzysztof Wojewodzic

Krzysztof Wojewodzic

Ed Tech Director

Krzysztof Wojewodzic is a serial entrepreneur. He founded successful companies like or Langmedia ltd. and ESCOLA ltd. of multimillion valuation. Wojewodzic' expertise is in strategic management with a focus on disruptive technologies. He holds a PhD in management, and his speciality is in strategic management and business models. Wojewodzic is also an expert at the National Center of Research and Development and is an international speaker.