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Starts Mar 24, 2014




1 hr/week



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This course is designed to help you get started as a behavioral science student, become familiar with the academic programs within the field, and prepare you for your first meeting with your academic advisor or academic counselor once you make your decision about which program to pursue. This course is not graded and you do not receive course credit; it is a tool to prepare you for success as a college student.

At the end of each course module there is a short quiz. You will be required to get 100% on the quiz before proceeding (but don't worry, we'll help you with each answer along the way). There are several additional modules you may complete if you feel the information is relevant to you. At the end, you will take a brief anonymous survey, just to let us know how we're doing.

This course covers program information for the following subjects:

  • Anthropology
  • Family Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Other areas within behavioral science:
    • Autism studies
    • Substance use disorder counseling


This course is designed to help you prepare to apply to an institution of higher education and pursue a degree within the behavioral sciences. As you complete the modules you will:

  • become familiar with the academic programs within the field
  • become prepared for your first meeting with your academic advisor or academic counselor
  • become more able to make your decision on what program to pursue.

Course Instructors

Giovana Alisa

Giovana Alisa

Advisor and Adjunct Faculty

Giovana Alisa has been advising students pursuing higher education goals since 2003. She also teaches university-level courses as an adjunct faculty, and has taught courses on Career & Graduate School Preparation, Multicultural Societies, and Senior Internship. She encourages those students who have questions during or after completing the Introduction to Behavioral Science Degree Programs course to contact her at alisagi@uvu.edu.

Travis Reynolds

Travis Reynolds

Academic Advisor

Travis has been advising students since the fall of 2012, and is currently working on his Masters of Science in Academic Advising at Kansas State University. He is a graduate from Utah Valley University from the Behavioral Science Department with the emphasis in Social Work. He is passionate about working with students to meet their personal and academic goals. If students have questions about the behavioral science degree programs, Travis can be contacted at travis.reynolds@uvu.edu.