Full course description

Course Date:

Feb 27 - Mar 26, 2017


4 weeks


4 hrs/week



Course Type:



Badge, Certificate


In this course, you will develop English language skills by reading and writing personal stories. You will learn to write sentences more accurately, choose the right vocabulary, and organize ideas more clearly to tell a story that others enjoy reading. You will meet and work with other English language learners from around the world while improving your English for academic or professional purposes.


As a course participant, you will:

  • Read and discuss short stories.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve accuracy in sentence structure and past tense use.
  • Write and revise a story.
  • Give and receive feedback on stories.
  • Optionally explore and report on independent study links, activities, and resources.

Course Instructors

Char Heitman

Char Heitman


Char Heitman is a Senior Instructor II at the American English Institute at the University of Oregon, where she has taught for nineteen years. She has a BA in TESOL and Spanish and an MA in Linguistics with a focus in Applied Linguistics. She has taught EFL in Japan, Holland and Spain. Her professional interests include: pronunciation and oral skills, course design, teacher training and International Teaching Assistant (ITA) training, materials development, alternative assessment and project-based learning.

Beth Sheppard

Beth Sheppard


Beth Sheppard is an ESL instructor at the University of Oregon, where she specializes in listening and speaking instruction. Her M.A. in linguistics is also from the University of Oregon. She has more than ten years’ experience teaching English in Oregon, California, Mexico, and Peru. She has also taught German and Chinuk Wawa.

Thomas Tasker

Thomas Tasker


Thomas Tasker is an ESL instructor at the American English Institute at the University of Oregon, specializing in academic writing. He has taught in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Ecuador and the Marshall Islands. His research focuses on teacher learning through a sociocultural perspective. He holds a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Applied Linguistics.