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Introduction to Scientific Writing for Publication is a Course

Introduction to Scientific Writing for Publication

Ended Mar 27, 2017

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Full course description

Course Date:

Feb 27 - Mar 27, 2017


4 weeks


3 hrs/week


Advanced English writing skills

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This course is designed for nonnative speakers of English. It will provide a basic foundation for academic scientific writing. It incorporates the building blocks of good writing in English language scientific journals, especially those based in the United States. Module topics include: using appropriate grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, and avoiding plagiarism. Participants can receive digital badges for completion of each module and overall completion of this course.


  • Identify and practice creating common grammatical structures used in scientific writing.
  • Identify strategies for organizing sentences and paragraphs for scientific writing.
  • Create cohesion in scientific writing.
  • Recognize the role of vocabulary choice in scientific writing style.
  • Apply strategies for making writing more concise.
  • Develop skills in quoting, summarizing, and avoiding unintentional plagiarism.
  • Develop awareness of different citation styles.

Course Instructors

Char Heitman

Char Heitman


Char Heitman is a faculty member at the University of Oregon where she trains language teachers, develops specialized courses for a variety of projects, and teaches online and face-to-face courses in a variety of subjects, including advanced writing. She has been in the field of English language teaching and teacher training for 27 years. Her professional interests include pronunciation and oral fluency, online course design, teacher training, and performance-based assessments.