Full course description

Course Date:

May 16 - Jun 10, 2016


4 weeks


4 hrs/week



Course Type:



Badge, Certificate


This is an online course for intermediate-level English language learners who are currently working or studying in the nursing field. The focus of this course will be on developing your English for use in the workplace. You will meet and learn with colleagues from around the world. You will study key words, phrases, and grammar topics; practice listening; and apply what you’re learning to your context.


Each week, you will:

  • Read about a useful learning strategy.
  • Study vocabulary.
  • Listen to dialog and complete a listening quiz.
  • Participate in a discussion.
  • Study the language focus and complete activities.
  • Create and post your own dialog, then provide feedback to online colleagues.

Course Instructors

Beth Sheppard

Beth Sheppard


Beth Sheppard is an ESL instructor at the University of Oregon, where she specializes in listening and speaking instruction. Her M.A. in linguistics is also from the University of Oregon. She has more than ten years’ experience teaching English in Oregon, California, Mexico, and Peru. She has also taught German and Chinuk Wawa.

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice


Jennifer Rice is a Senior ESL instructor at the University of Oregon, where she specializes in teaching English for physics. She also develops and facilitates online teacher training courses for instructors around the globe. Her background is in biology, environmental science, and English language teaching. She has more than 14 years’ experience teaching English in Oregon, South Korea, Japan, and online.

Agnieszka Alboszta

Agnieszka Alboszta


Agnieszka Alboszta is an online instructor at the University of Oregon, where she has specialized in facilitating the Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching online professional development course for teachers from around the world. Her background is in international relations, philosophy, and English language instruction. She has nearly 20 years’ teaching experience in the United States, Japan, Poland, Kenya, and online.