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Making Sense of Teaching in UK Higher Education (HE) is a Course

Making Sense of Teaching in UK Higher Education (HE)



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3-4 hrs/week



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This course is intended for those who are new to teaching on undergraduate and master's degree courses from United Kingdom Universities. However most of the topics and principles covered apply to higher education studies generally. It is intended to support lecturers from the UK and from across the world.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Work with aspects of the regulatory framework for UK HE awards
  • Describe a range of factors that can have an impact on learning and evaluate strategies to enhance learner attainment
  • Describe in detail the aspects of learning experiences, how these relate to each other and evaluate how they apply to particular subject areas
  • Design and administer a range of formative assessment tasks to support learners either individually or as a group
  • Design and deliver a series of linked learning sessions for a subject, to the level of study and the characteristics of a learner cohort
  • Dependably evaluate learner performance against a given set of standards of performance

Target Audience: Individuals new to teaching on Higher Education courses from UK universities, or those looking to refresh or update their practice.

Course is offered by University of Sunderland.

Course Instructors

Alan Tree

Alan Tree

Lead Instructor

With over thirty years of experience across all sectors of UK education Alan applies a broad perspective of learning to the practices of teaching on UK Higher Education courses. Alan's interest is in bridging the divide between educational research and classroom practice to enhance the experience and achievement of students.


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