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Cada Dia Spanish - Daily Conversations is a Course

Cada Dia Spanish - Daily Conversations

Ended Dec 1, 2014

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Starts September 22, 2014

Quick, what does “cada día” mean? If you know, but don’t speak Spanish, this course is for you. We are a community of learners, sharing daily, practical conversations with each other. Native Spanish speakers from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and all over will join us and provide supportive feedback. The course offers eight modules, with simple and fun conversational activities. We ask participants to share their activities with others for feedback and further investigation. The goal is to make conversation available “cada día.” Optional Web meetings are available to share your conversational activities with native speakers.

Visit the course blog to learn more and sign up for an orientation web meeting before the course begins.

Topics covered include:

  • Canción - ¿Cómo participar?
  • Diccionario - ¿Cómo lo hago?
  • Cuento corto
  • Verbos
  • Consejos para la Conversación
  • Viajes
  • Familia
Michael Henry, M.S.Ed

Michael Henry, M.S.Ed

Program Director, Technical Facilitator

Prof. Henry has taught communications and education online classes through the University of Missouri - Kansas City for over 10 years. He visits Argentina often and was the project lead in the development of a new language learning method. The DOTS Method, (Daily Online Task-based Social Language Learning) is a key part of the instructional design of Cada Día Spanish.

Paulino Brener

Paulino Brener

Language Facilitator

Paulino Brener, born in Santa Fe, Argentina, is an Educator/Performer/Social Media evangelist, and has taught Spanish online for over 15 years. He has a degree from Instituto Cervera and serves on the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures. Paulino is a Laguage Facilitator in Cada Dia Spanish.

Julieta Cestari

Julieta Cestari

Maestro, Cada Día Spanish Facilitator

As part of the program development team, Julieta provides expert knowledge related to idiomatic phrases in Latin America, as well as practical application of language learning principles. Julieta has lived and worked in Italy, and currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Julieta is a native Spanish speaker.

Sara Martinez

Sara Martinez

Course Facilitator

Sara Martinez, course facilitator, is a Native Spanish translator living in Tavernes De Valldigna, Valencia, Spain. Sara was involved in the early curriculum development and Task-based learning approach in Cada Día Spanish