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Breast Density Notification: Educating Primary Care Providers for Better Healthcare Delivery is a Course

Breast Density Notification: Educating Primary Care Providers for Better Healthcare Delivery



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6 modules


2-3 hrs/total



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Michigan is the 21st state to enact breast density notification legislation. Effective June 1, 2015 Michigan law requires that mammography service providers inform patients if they have "dense breast tissue" on screening mammography. Patients are urged to discuss their screening options with their primary care provider. As a consequence, primary care physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses must be well-versed in breast cancer screening, risk stratification, and options for supplemental screening when needed.

This course will help primary care providers, physician assistants, and advance practice nurses understand the new law and how to properly risk stratify and counsel women with dense breasts on mammography.

We will cover the following topics relating to Breast Density:

  • Breast Density of Mammography
  • Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening
  • Recommendations for Patients with Dense Breasts on Mammography
  • Screening Mammography: Agreement Over Screening
  • Controversies in Screening
  • Negative Consequences of Screening


Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the Michigan Breast Density Notification Law
  • Discuss the implication of breast density identified on mammography
  • Counsel patients about their risk of breast cancer
  • Explain breast cancer screening guidelines for patients at low, average, and high risk of developing the disease
  • Review the options for supplementary screening beyond mammography
  • Formulate a plan for supplemental imaging or referral for additional testing based on patient risk factors.

Course Instructors

Dr. Lee

Cheryl T. Lee, M.D.

Dr. Robert H. and Eva M. Moyad Professor of Urology; Director, Office of Continuous Professional Development University of Michigan Health System

Dr. Lee is a nationally known board-certified urologic oncologist at the University of Michigan and Director of the Office of Continuous Professional Development. She has expertise in continuing medical education (CME) and the use of Performance Improvement CME to advance clinical care. She is an avid patient advocate serving on the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society (Lakeshore Division) and the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. Her research efforts are focused on health outcomes and cancer survivorship in high risk cancer patients. Read More.

Dr. Stalburg

Caren M. Stalburg, MD, MA

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Michigan Health System

Dr. Stalburg is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist at the University of Michigan and Chief of the Division of Professional Education in the Department of Learning Health Sciences. She has expertise in on-line education through her work with the Office of Digital Education and Innovation at the University of Michigan and on the Coursera open educational platform. Her course, “Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education” has had over 20,000 participants world-wide over the past 2 years.

Dr. Pinsky

Renee W. Pinsky, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Michigan Health System

Dr. Pinsky is a board certified radiologist at the University of Michigan who has dedicated her career to breast imaging and the early diagnosis of breast cancer. She is actively involved in the clinical and interventional breast imaging services, research and legislative issues in breast cancer diagnosis and management. Her major areas of focus include breast density implications for imaging and women as well as premalignant and pre invasive diagnoses such as Atypical Hyperplasia and Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. She is also a committee member of the American Board of Radiology addressing certification of new radiologists.

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