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Chemistry II: Stoichiometry, Bonding, and Thermochemistry is a Course

Chemistry II: Stoichiometry, Bonding, and Thermochemistry



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6 weeks


4 hrs/week


Chemistry I

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Badge, Certificate (free)


Many students leave high school without being prepared for the rigors of college chemistry. This course is the second in a series designed to give students the opportunity to review topics at a pace conducive to their level, whether they are encountering the material for the first time or using the course as a refresher.

Allison Soult and Kim Woodrum bring their experience to the course covering stoichiometry, bonding, and thermochemistry. Instruction consists of concepts, calculations, and video demonstrations of the principles being discussed. Practice problems and end-of-unit assessments will help students gauge their understanding of the material.

Chemistry I is also open for enrollment on Canvas Network.


  • Stoichiometry: Recall the concepts of actual, theoretical, and percent yields along with the idea of limiting and excess reactants.
  • Bonding: Explore the bonding in molecular compounds to understand how electrons are shared and how these connections determine the three-dimensional geometry of molecules.
  • Thermochemistry: Examine the energies associated with physical processes and chemical reactions, including how to relate a specific amount of reagent to the energy evolved or consumed in a reaction.

Prerequisite: Chemistry I.

Target Audience: Anyone is welcome, including high school students, prospective college students, and life long learners.

Course is offered by University of Kentucky.

Course Instructors

Kim Woodrum

Dr. Kim Woodrum


Kim received both her B.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. As a student, her field of study was inorganic chemistry. Her research interests are in the field of Chemical Education. She has taught General Chemistry for over 20 years. Dr. Woodrum has received the UK Alumni Association Great Teacher award (2007), the Provost's Outstanding Teaching Award (2013), and the A&S Outstanding Teaching Award (2013).

Allison Soult

Dr. Allison Soult


Allison received her B.S. in Chemistry from Centre College and her Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Florida State University. She has been at the University of Kentucky since 2002 as a lab coordinator and a lecturer. Her main interests are in the areas of Chemical Education specifically relating to issues with student engagement in large lectures and using technology to enhance student learning. Dr. Soult was the recipient of the A&S Outstanding Staff Award in 2008 and was co-instructor for the University of Kentucky's first massive online open course (MOOC), "Advanced Chemistry" as well as "Chemistry."

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