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The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching (HE) is a Course

The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching (HE)



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"The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching" offers an opportunity to re-imagine a traditional live classroom experience transitioned to a remote modality. Solutions to engage students accustomed to more familiar teaching methods are presented in this methodical and visually appealing course. Instructors are guided through the philosophy and methods of "Personable Learning," which features the "Mentor in the Center" as a key component to build engagement methods into a course, and develop a connected relationship with students as individuals and as a group. Peer learning, discussions, and authentic assessment examples are included, along with video demonstrations.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Define the critical components of an instructor as "Mentor in the Center" as a paradigm for engaging students.
  • Create engaging learning modules that are easy to navigate and present content artfully.
  • Include relational "soft touches" throughout the course to help keep students stay connected to the instructor.
  • Encourage student reflection and critical thinking utilizing multiple modalities, individual assignments, and peer learning.
  • Create low-stakes formative assessments to build competency for high-stakes summative assessments.

Target Audience: Higher Ed faculty.

Course is offered by University of California Riverside.

Course Instructors

Vanessa Ament

Dr. Vanessa Ament

Instructor and Designer

Dr. Vanessa Ament is the Senior Consultant for Undergraduate Education at UC Riverside. Read More.

She is the author of several articles on "Personable Learning" along with Dr. Richard Edwards, in addition to The Foley Grail and various chapters and articles on film sound. Dr. Ament taught the MOOC Mad About Musicals for Turner Classic Movies.

Cheryl Diermyer

Cheryl Diermyer

Instructor and Designer

Cheryl Diermyer is a senior learning strategist and a doctoral candidate in Education. Her work includes strategic consulting and education innovation efforts. Read More.

Once a CBS News Journalist, she has more recently been the recipient of a curricular redesign grant, and is passionate about continued individual and organizational transformation.

Ann Kwinn

Dr. Ann Kwinn

Instructor and Designer

Dr. Ann Kwinn is the Instructional Designer and Quality Control Specialist for UCR Extension. Read More.

Previously, Ann was Associate Professor & Director of Instructional Strategy at Azusa Pacific University, and VP of Interactive Learning for CallSource. She is co-writer of The New Virtual Classroom with Ruth Clark.


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