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CSET Science Subtest I Exam Preparation Resource is a Course

CSET Science Subtest I Exam Preparation Resource



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5 hrs/week


Previous college-level science course

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This course was developed with support from the Boeing Corporation to address the problem faced by prospective California teachers: a large percentage fail the first time they attempt it. The solution we designed was to enable someone studying for the exam to pinpoint their areas of weakness and focus on those, while quickly skimming topics they already know. The CSET Science Subtest I covers Astronomy, Dynamic Processes of the Earth (Geodynamics), Earth Resources, Optics and Waves, Forces and Motion and Electricity and Magnetism. It is licensed Creative Commons - Attribution - 3.0 and educators are also welcome to reuse quizzes, explanations, and even the whole course as they like.


  • The prospective teacher will be able to quickly identify areas of potential weakness before taking the CSET Science Subtest I exam.
  • In areas of weakness, a prospective teacher will use provided practice problems, guided examples and content refreshers to allow for quicker recall of previously learned topics in science.
  • A prospective teacher will be able to assess whether further formal coursework is needed before attempting the exam.

Prerequisites: Prospective teachers of science should have prior coursework in college-level science, even if a long time ago.

Target Audience: Prospective secondary science teachers studying to pass state-required subject matter exams.

Course is offered by University of California, Irvine Extension.

Course Instructors

Larry Cooperman

Larry Cooperman

Course Designer

Larry Cooperman is the Associate Dean for Open Education at the University of California, Irvine.

Stefano Stefan

Stefano Stefan

Course Designer

Stefano Stefan is the Director of Open Education Projects.

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