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Science Fiction/Science Fact: Predictions and Math is a Course

Science Fiction/Science Fact: Predictions and Math

Ended Jul 24, 2015

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Starts February 9, 2015

Does math frustrate you and discourage you from reading scientific reports? Learn how scientists use math to measure changes over time. In this course, you will be exposed to some basic math concepts that will help you understand what you are reading when it comes to the sciences.

For the cost of an app or a latte, unlock the pro-version of this course. You will get more videos from Super Professor Mike Dennin, more forums to engage with other learners, and more quizzes to test what you have learned. And you have an opportunity to model the zombie apocalypse, applying the math concepts you have learned.

This course is a part of the Science Fiction/Science Fact series. Each course can be taken independently or sequentially.

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The pro version will be held from February 9 to May 1, 2015

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  • In-depth video lecture
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The complete series includes...

  • Science Fiction / Science Fact: Questions and Answers (January)
  • Science Fiction / Science Fact: Predictions and Math (February)
  • Science Fiction / Science Fact: Superheros and Physics (March)
Professor Michael Dennin

Professor Michael Dennin

Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Interim Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education

Professor Michael Dennin showed his early interest in physics setting objects on fire. He has a B.A in physics from Princeton University and a PhD in physics from U. C. Santa. He is currently a professor of Physics and Astronomy at U. C. Irvine. In addition to teaching a wide range of physics courses, including the Science of Superheroes, he runs a research lab that studies the behavior of bubbles and foam. He has appeared on numerous television programs – Science of Superman, Spider-man Tech, Batman Tech, and Star Wars Tech, and most recently co-taught a MOOC on the Walking Dead.