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Mar 20 - Jun 12, 2017


8 weeks


3 hrs/week



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In this course, you will set out on a journey to explore the nature of leadership and the skills you can develop to lead and influence others within the higher education (HE) sector. The journey will be personal to you: your context, your ambitions, your values—and you don't need to be in a formal leadership position to participate in the course. There are eight weeks/modules grouped into three themes: mapping leadership development, responding to change, and seeking and responding to feedback.


  • Develop an understanding of the broader context shaping work and leadership in the HE sector.
  • Identify leadership maturity stages and their relevance to HE work roles.
  • Develop self-awareness about stage of leadership development and design a personal plan.
  • Identify the immediate and global context of change.
  • Identify factors that make change successful.
  • Develop an understanding of your own and others' response to change.
  • Develop a proactive mindset to cope with change.
  • Map and troubleshoot team dynamics in response to change.
  • Deliver effective feedback.
  • Process feedback and criticism in a productive way.
  • Develop personal resilience.

Target Audience: Anyone working in (or hoping to work in) higher education, whether academic or professional. A formal leadership position is not required.

Course is offered by University of Canberra

Course Instructors

Zoë Routh

Zoë Routh

Course Guide

Zoë Routh is a leadership expert who has worked with individuals and teams in Canada, India and in Australia since 1987. She has facilitated indoor and outdoor leadership programs as a seasoned outdoor experiential educator and professional corporate trainer. She is passionate about helping leaders and teams thrive together, especially through times of volatile change. She is the author of Composure: How Centered Leaders Make the Biggest Impact and Moments - Leadership when it matters most.

Leah Holroyd

Leah Holroyd

Instructional Designer

Leah Holroyd is an Educational Designer, based in the University of Canberra's Teaching & Learning team. Leah works to promote good practice models of teaching and learning, with a particular focus on flexible and online learning and emerging technologies, and project managed the development of UC’s Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education.

Peter Copeman

Peter Copeman

Course Consultant

Peter is a senior lecturer in the Teaching and Learning Directorate at the University of Canberra, where he convenes the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education course and is the leading academic in staff development for the University. He also represents UC at a leadership level with senior scholars nationally and internationally in the areas of peer learning, students as partners, induction of new academics, and research communication.