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Advanced IELTS- Teaching Academic English is a Course

Advanced IELTS- Teaching Academic English

Mar 7, 2022 - Dec 31, 2023


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3 to 6 months


6 to 10 hours per week


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Badge, Certificate (paid)


Academic IELTS is the world's most popular English language test for those wanting to study in higher education in an English-speaking college or university. General IELTS is the most desired English language assessment for immigration and employment.

The Advanced IELTS Program is designed for advanced language learners who are willing to achieve beyond their imagined capabilities and reach their highest potentials in IELTS Academic tests. This program includes modules in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and test-taking skills.

The Advanced IELTS also includes Teaching Academic English- TAE modules that will equip its graduates to Teach Academic English & Subjects. TAE modules are separated, and students can differentiate between language learners and language teachers.

The Advanced IELTS Discussion Group is a community of learners and teachers, all under one roof. Language learners benefit by having direct access to language teachers, and teachers will enhance their knowledge and learn about students learning challenges.

Enroll for free and benefit from our online resources, modules, and webinars. Tuition fees are applicable for students willing to receive an Advanced IELTS Academic Certificate from TESOL Canada. 

For the best results, enjoy the material, complete all assignments, participate in your exams and keep up with the schedule.

In 2022, the following are our starting dates: January 3rd, March 7th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th.

Students can join anytime for Canvas self-studies, but our live classes & webinars will begin using the schedule above.


The Advanced IELTS Academic Program prepares IELTS test takers and language learners to succeed in their IELTS tests and reach the highest scores beyond their existing potentials. In addition to Academic English, this program prepares its students to learn Academic Subjects in English (I,e., Math, Science, Biology, Law).

The Advanced IELTS- Teaching Academic English Program prepares TESOL Academic English Teachers TAE to face IELTS teaching challenges and experience students’ learning difficulties.

Advanced IELTS & TAE graduates are able to Teach Academic English TAE and Business English classes. In addition to teaching in-class, this program prepares students to teach online and challenges the latest technological advances in TESOL courses.

Requirements & Prerequisites: For TESOL’s Teaching Academic English- TAE, a Bachelor’s degree is required. Mature students may be accepted with two years of college studies and related experience to the field. Non-native English speakers must demonstrate their fluency through successful results in IELTS, or TELPE- Teachers English Language Proficiency Exam (by TESOL Canada).

For Language Learners and IELTS test takers, a Bachelor’s degree and previous language tests are not required.

Target Audience: This program is excellent for individuals willing to start a new educational program by achieving their highest IELTS scores. If you plan to enter into an English-speaking university or if your profession requires Academic IELTS scores, you are in the right program.

This program also benefits teachers who wish to update their teaching skills and receive an internationally recognized Advanced TESOL & TAE Certificate. If you like to work abroad or in the USA & Canada to teach immigrants and international students (either in-class or online), or if you would like to become an IELTS examiner, this program is for you.

Course Type - Self-Paced and ongoing with live instructor-led webinars.

Credential - Free Attestation, Paid Certification with CEC Credits

Course Learning Outcomes -Upon completing this program, IELTS learners will gain proficiency in four language skills expressed in the IELTS exam. While improvement of each student depends on their starting band scores, Advanced IELTS will be able to improve one's band score between 1.0 to 2.0 on each section of the IELTS or from 6.0/ B2 CEFR (Competent User) to 8.0- 9.0/ C2 CEFR (Expert User)

For IELTS instructors, Teaching Academic English- TAE prepares its graduates to teach IELTS, TOEFL or any Academic English class. Advanced IELTS- Teaching Academic English Program prepares participants to receive their Advanced TESOL TAE Certification and start real-world IELTS teaching practices or become IELTS examiners.

Primary Audience - K-12 or Higher Ed faculty or administrators; and educators looking for professional development opportunities.


Course is offered by the TESOL Foundation.

Course Instructors

Siavash Valizadeh

Siavash Valizadeh, Ph.D. Edu

President, TESOL Canada

Dr. Siavash Valizadeh is the president and CEO of TESOL Canada. He has served the TESOL community since summer 1998 and has been supervising TESOL Canada's programs for over two decades.

Envisioned by Dr. Vali, TESOL Canada introduces the most updated teaching standards to E.S.L. teachers aiming to teach English in Canada, the U.S.A., and Overseas. T.C.'s mission is to establish technologically updated teaching standards and education equilibrium among colleges, schools and language teachers worldwide. Advanced TESOL education enables millions of teachers to access TESOL Canada resources and benefit their students globally. This program offers an excellent opportunity for new teachers willing to obtain their TESOL certifications and begin their teaching careers.

Advanced IELTS is a unique self-paced study with teachers' mentorship tailored for IELTS learners and IELTS examiners & instructors. Advanced TESOL is where learners are part of an IELTS community, and our TAE instructors are there to guide & supervise students.

As a student, if you need to improve your Band Scores, Advanced IELTS is the perfect place to try our sample tests, receive scores analysis, and have mentorship to boost your test results.

As a teacher, if you love to teach and improve your Academic Teaching, you will feel right at home. Teachers can prepare and become IELTS Examiners through Advanced IELTS.

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