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Digital Literacies I is a Course

Digital Literacies I

Ended Jun 1, 2015

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Starts April 20, 2015

What’s in your digital teaching toolbox? Do you have the tools you need to reach 21st century learners? This course will introduce you to digital technologies and show you how to integrate them into your classroom/webspace. Learn how to combine pedagogy and technology to create a more effective educational experience for students.


Students should be familiar with fundamental computing skills such as:

  • cut/copy/paste
  • functions of mice (i.e. double click, triple click, etc...)
  • basic operation of web browsers (e.g. bookmarking, refreshing)
  • saving content to various locations on a device
  • standard use of productivity programs (e.g. Microsoft Office)

Enrollment: Free

Note: There is the option to receive CEU credits with San Diego State University at an additional charge. $295 2 CEU Credits with San Diego State University. Instructor will provide details during the course.


Emil Ahangarzadeh, Ed.D.

Director of Technical Statewide Education Technology Services

Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh currently works in K-12 education as a professional development services provider in the field of information communication technology. He serves as the Director of TechSETS -- the Technical Statewide Education Technology Service, which is funded by the California Department of Education. He concurrently serves as a Coordinator of Integrated Technology Services for the San Diego County Office of Education. Dr. Ahangarzadeh formerly served as a secondary school teacher (English, English Language Development, Journalism, History/Social Studies), as well as both a secondary English Language Arts expert and English learner programs expert.

Dennis Danielson, Ed.D.


Technology Coordinator

Dr. Dennis Danielson is a Technology Coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education. He works daily to integrate oonline and blended learning opportunities for K-12 school districts. Dennis has extensive experience in building comprehensive technology plans into working models that include 1:1 student access and the critical professional development opportunities that transform teaching and learning.

Jessica Love


Instructional Designer

Jessica Love is an instructional designer and producer for the San Diego County Office of Education. She formerly served as a secondary school mathematics teacher in a variety of school in San Diego County. Prior to teaching, Ms. Love worked in the field of online marketing specializing in search engine optimization. This experience combined with her formal training in visual arts, technology, and professional development in education has provided her with the skills to be a leader in digital literacies education.