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Now that you’re effectively blending/personalizing your own classroom, it’s time for you to take the next step to become a blended leader and share your work with your school, district, and community. This course provides tools to help you begin that process, including:

  • Case studies featuring schools that have started to extend their blending.
  • Resources to start building your skill set as a blended leader.
  • Tips to focus your future goals and build action steps today.
  • Suggestions for conferences to attend.
  • Examples for using social media to improve and share your practice.
  • Ways to engage teachers and parents in this work.


In this course, participants will:

  • Explore resources to build skills to become a blended leader and extend their reach.
  • Put together a timeline of their current blended journeys and future goals, including action steps to extend blending in their schools and/or communities.

Target Audience: Teachers, leaders, and educators interested in blended and personalized learning.

Course is offered by Relay Graduate School of Education.

Course Instructors

Juliana Finegan

Juliana Finegan


Juliana Finegan is the Director of Personalized Learning at Relay Graduate School of Education. With support from TLA, Juliana, a former classroom teacher, developed four courses that support teachers and leaders to shift to blended and personalized learning models. Juliana has observed best practices all over the country, captured strong blended footage, identified common denominators of implementation, and named key strategies that can be used immediately.