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This course will teach you about blended and personalized learning as a whole, and show you how to stretch your thinking and try something new. You’ll learn the how and why of “blended” and how blended/personalized learning is changing the face of teaching and learning. You’ll leave this course with four blended “recipes” you can implement in your classroom immediately.


In this course, participants will:

  • Explain how blended learning can be used to support student achievement through differentiated instruction, personalizing curriculum, and/or engaging students in their own learning.
  • Describe key mindsets needed to be successful in a blended classroom.
  • Reflect on their practices in order to identify one instructional challenge that can be supported through blended learning.
  • Design and implement one blended lesson using one of the identified blended/personalized models.

Target Audience: Teachers, leaders, and educators interested in blended and personalized learning.

Course is offered by Relay Graduate School of Education.

Course Instructors

Juliana Finegan

Juliana Finegan


Juliana Finegan is the Director of Personalized Learning at Relay Graduate School of Education. With support from TLA, Juliana, a former classroom teacher, developed four courses that support teachers and leaders to shift to blended and personalized learning models. Juliana has observed best practices all over the country, captured strong blended footage, identified common denominators of implementation, and named key strategies that can be used immediately.