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Media Meal Planning is a Course

Media Meal Planning

Ended Feb 4, 2018

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Date:

Jan 8 - Feb 4, 2018


4 weeks


2 hrs/week



Course Type:

Instructor-led with small group discussions




Media Meal Planning is a fun, highly interactive program for improving your personal media consumption habits. Learn the fundamental role of Journalism in society, quality reporting, and how editorial polices shape what you read. Work in small-groups to develop your media selection criteria. Formulate a new ‘information meal plan’ and refine it with the help of your teammates.


  • Appetizers: Learn about the role of Journalism and discuss freedom in your society.
  • Entree: Understand the fundamentals of good reporting and editorial practices.
  • Full Course Dinner: Apply your learning to a current event case study.
  • Deserts: Formulate and share your new and improved information meal plan.


  • You will become more savvy media consumers, selecting higher quality media, outlets, and journalists.
  • You will be more efficient in staying up to date on current events and news - freeing up your time for other pursuits.
  • You will become better informed, which will get you invited to all the right dinner parties!
  • And . . . maybe we can raise the level of intelligent, civil dialog on the planet! Even just a bit.

Target Audience: Life-long learners looking to become more civically engaged.

Course is offered by The Public Square.

Course Instructors

Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman


Michael Freedman is the founder and a leader of The Public Square, an ecosystem of programs which raises the level of citizenship and public effectiveness through trainings, educational programs, and organizational consulting. He has an M.A. from USC, and a B.A. from UCSB.