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Started Mar 7, 2016




1 - 2 hrs/week



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This is the first in a series of four courses aimed at helping students improve their scores on placement tests while preparing for college-level courses. This introductory course focuses on what to expect at the testing center.

This course will provide:

  • Tips to help students mentally prepare for testing day
  • Links to practice tests to help students identify problem areas
  • Supplemental help for students who need it


The objective of this course is to prepare college-bound students for the placement testing that is conducted as part of the college entry process. The course is designed to prepare students for the testing experience itself as well as the materials on which they will be tested. A practice test will be part of the course in order to give the student the testing experience.

Course Instructors

Parkland College

Parkland College

Parkland College is a fully accredited, public community college in Champaign, Illinois. The college was founded in 1967 and enrolls about 20,000 students annually. It has earned a national reputation for excellent academic standards, innovative programs, and quality instruction. The mission of Parkland College is "to engage the community in learning."