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Molecular Epidemiology is a Course

Molecular Epidemiology

Ends Apr 30, 2021


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Ends Apr 30, 2021




7+ hrs/week


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This course provides an overview of core molecular approaches used in addressing population medicine issues & application of molecular techniques in understanding the etiology, transmission, and control of infectious diseases important to veterinary medicine & public health.

Theoretical & practical aspects of molecular biology methods will be explained in context of epidemiological studies including bacterial and viral infections of veterinary and zoonotic significance.

Lecture topics cover principles & application of molecular techniques to problems of infectious diseases; population & evolutionary genetics of pathogenic microorganisms; data analysis & interpretation.


This course aims to address the following three key questions:

  1. What are the key criteria for selection of Genotyping method for molecular epidemiology purposes?
  2. What are the key criteria for selection of Genotyping method for molecular epidemiology purposes?
  3. What are the practical aspects of designing and conducting a molecular epidemiologic study when professionals face infectious disease outbreak, surveillance or research needs?

After taking this class, participants are expected to be able to understand the key molecular approaches useful for epidemiologic investigations and will be able to integrate molecular biology approaches into epidemiological investigations.

Requirement: Students taking this course are expected to have some background in infectious diseases & molecular biology.

Target Audience: Medical professionals, scientists, and other learners with an interest in infectious diseases and molecular biology and a strong background in biology.

Course is offered by The Ohio State University Global One Health Initiative.

Course Instructors

Wondwossen A. Gebreyes

Wondwossen A. Gebreyes, DVM, PhD, DACVPM


Dr. Gebreyes is Distinguished Professor of Molecular Epidemiology & Executive Director of Global One Health initiative at The Ohio State University. He engages in global capacity building including training in global health opportunities & molecular epidemiology.

He is active in professional services including: USDA, NIH & AAAS. He serves in advisory roles for global partners: Canada Research Chairs; Royal Saudi Arabian Science & Technology; National Research Foundation of South Africa, & others.


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