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Media Writing and Editing is a Course

Media Writing and Editing



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Welcome to the world of journalism.

In this virtual newsroom, you will learn reporting, writing, researching and multimedia techniques for all news media platforms, and then dig deeper into how social media, community-centered journalism, and multimedia elements can enhance coverage.

This is unlike any other writing you have done, in that we use interviewing and reporting with real people to tell real, true stories that contain facts and quotes. Every story must have news value that appeals to our readers. We follow a very strict code of ethics that ensures we report fairly and accurately, that we write factually and we treat sources with respect.

Journalism is made for people who have a burning desire to know everything and share confirmed, factual information with others in a clear and concise style! We will work together to figure out how you can be that person.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Write and produce professional news content, displaying a command of grammar, spelling, syntax and Associated Press style.
  • Understand the need for fairness, accuracy and expediency in news stories.
  • Write news articles in the inverted pyramid and feature style.
  • Demonstrate basic skills of interviewing and researching.

Target Audience: Those looking to develop skills as a writer for media publications, those with an interest in journalism, high school and university students, media professionals.

Course is offered by Course is offered by The Ohio State University Global One Health Initiative.

Course Instructors

Nicole Kraft

Nicole Kraft

Assistant Professor, Clinical Faculty

Nicole spent 25 years as an award-winning reporter, editor and magazine journalist, while working also in public relations for professional sports and government communications.

She joined the Ohio State School of Communication in 2010 as an assistant professor of journalism, and her classes include media Writing and Editing, Sports Media, Magazine Writing, and Media Law and Ethics. Her focus in teaching and research has been in utilizing technology in journalism and global education, as well as the intersection of sports and society, and the myth of the digital native.

Nicole is part of the Ohio State One Health Task Force, and teaches annually in Ethiopia. She has published the interactive books "Always Get the Name of the Dog: A guide to media interviewing" and "Writing Like Rabbits: A guide to becoming a magazine writer." In 2015 Nicole was named an Apple Distinguished Educator.

She is also an active journalist, writing numerous magazine features and covering sports for the Associated Press and Columbus Dispatch.


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