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Clinical Specimen Collection is a Course

Clinical Specimen Collection

Started Apr 6, 2020


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Culture results are dependent on the quality of the specimen submitted; therefore, it is essential that appropriate specimens be collected with accuracy and care following rules or principles to collect microbiology specimens which will accurately reflect the development of any disease (pathogenesis) of the microbiological agent. This course covers collecting good clinical specimens across a number of specimen types, including: blood, soft tissue, urine, stool, and respiratory cultures.

Specimen collection for bacterial cultures is of primary importance because culture results provide critical information to guide the optimal treatment of infections with antibiotics.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Outline the need for proper specimen collection to optimize the treatment of patients with infectious diseases.
  • Be proficient on basic methods to obtain blood, wound, urine, respiratory, and stool samples for cultures.
  • Provide basic information on skills needed to protect healthcare workers and patients from transmission of infectious agents (e.g. proper hand hygiene, proper specimen handling and transport, etc.)

Target Audience: Clinicians, laboratory personnel, others involved in collecting clinical specimens.

Course is offered by The Ohio State University Global One Health Initiative.

Course Instructors

Joan-Miquel Balada-Llasat

Joan-Miquel Balada-Llasat

Director, Immunology; Associate Director, Clinical Microbiology; Associate Professor, Clinical Pathology

Dr. Balada-Llasat is actively involved in clinical research on new laboratory techniques and on global health initiatives in Central America, Africa and India. He has published more than 30 peer-review scientific manuscripts. Dr. Balada-Llasat holds board certification from the American Board of Medical Microbiology.


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