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Ohio Standards for Educator Preparation is a Course

Ohio Standards for Educator Preparation

Ended Jan 30, 2021

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

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This version of the Ohio Standards for Educators has been retired. Please access and enroll in the new version of this course by visiting If you have any questions or need help, please reach out through our help request form.


The State of Ohio requires licensure candidates to have general knowledge of specific Ohio Department of Education standards. The College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University created this online course to help teacher candidates learn about these standards. What started out as a tool for Ohio State students has become a resource for many educator preparation programs across Ohio. We are pleased to offer this updated and simplified version to you and your students.


Learners in this course can expect to:

  • Understand the Ohio Teaching Standards, what they are, and how they impact your teaching.
  • Review the purpose and location of various Operating Standards documents.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the Resident Educator program and its expectations.
  • Examine the expectations of you as outlined in the Ohio Standards for Professional Development.
  • Experience this course through the lens of new and different technologies.


Target Audience: Teacher candidates in the state of Ohio.


Course is offered by The Ohio StateUniversity.

Course Instructors

Janine Dent

Janine Dent

Program Coordinator, Office of Educator Preparation

Janine, better known as Nina, has been the author of the Ohio Standards course since its beginning in 2013. One of her goals with this public version of the educator preparatory course is to provide ease of access for all Ohio Institutions of Higher Education. Nina structured this course to bring new technologies, greater interaction, and higher level thinking to the experience and is pleased to offer this version of the course to you.