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Purposeful, Interactive World Language Teaching (HE) is a Course

Purposeful, Interactive World Language Teaching (HE)



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9 weeks


2 hrs/week



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This course is an introduction to world language classroom teaching for instructors who wish to teach exclusively in the target language; want a student-centered rather than teacher-centered classroom; believe that purposeful and meaningful interaction is essential for learning/acquisition to occur; want their students to cognitively engage with the material; and want to create a learning environment in which students feel comfortable interacting with the instructor and their peers.


The first half of the course focuses on background knowledge:

  • Fundamental theories, concepts and frameworks in SLA.
  • A brief overview of a selection of FL teaching methodologies.
  • Profiles of learners and instructors.
  • Lesson planning.
  • Classroom management (Common problems and sound advice).
  • Instructional guidelines (ACTFL and The Common European Framework).

The second half of the course focuses on teaching in the classroom:

  • Teaching vocabulary in the classroom: A purposeful, interactive approach.
  • Teaching grammar in the classroom: A purposeful, interactive approach.
  • Creating grammar practice activities: From input to output.
  • Developing reading and listening skills.

Target Audience: foreign language teachers.

Course is offered by The Ohio State University.

Course Instructors

Janice Aski

Janice Aski


Janice Aski is Professor and Director of the Italian Language Program in the Department of French and Italian at The Ohio State University. She has two research interests: Italian/Romance Historical Linguistics and Foreign Language Pedagogy. Dr. Aski is co-author of a monograph on historical Italian linguistics, the first-year Italian textbook, Avanti!, and she has published numerous articles in both of her areas of expertise. In addition, she is the recipient of a three prestigious teaching awards at OSU.


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