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Introduction to Nanotechnology is a Course

Introduction to Nanotechnology



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Introduction to Nanotechnology by Omni Nano will provide you with an eye-opening survey of the exciting, cutting-edge science of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is one the most powerful engines of innovation, developing breakthrough solutions to long-standing, real-world problems every day. It enables the next generation of vital technologies such as personalized healthcare, flexible electronic displays, super batteries, self-cleaning surfaces, and skin-rejuvenating cosmetics. This course will teach you the fundamentals nanotechnology, including how it works, what its applications are, and how you can continue your journey from nanotechnology education to professional career.


By the end of this course, successful participants will be able to:

  • Define and explain the meaning of key terms related to nanotechnology.
  • Classify materials as “nanomaterials” based on certain criteria and properties.
  • Describe and explain the unique characteristics of nanomaterials with respect to their bulk counterparts.
  • Express the size of nanomaterials in nanometers, and compare their size to those of other materials/objects.
  • Understand the size, shape, characterization, properties, and applications of various nanomaterials.
  • Interpret and analyze images acquired through modern microscopy.
  • Explain the differences between biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Prerequisite: This course is designed for students who have completed at least 1 year (typically 2 semesters) of high school Chemistry, Biology, and Algebra.

Target Audience: High school students.

Course is offered by Omni Nano.

Course Instructors

Marco Curreli.jpg

Marco Curreli, Ph.D.

Lead Instructor

Dr. Marco Curreli is an educator, technology and social entrepreneur, and nanotechnology research scientist. In 2012, he founded the nonprofit organization Omni Nano to educate students about the cutting-edge science of nanotechnology. Omni Nano’s curricula have been adopted by numerous institutions, and Dr. Curreli has educated thousands of students and professionals about nanotechnology and its applications. He holds a BS in Chemistry from Cal State LA and a PhD in Chemistry from USC.

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