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Starts Aug 22, 2016




2 hrs/week



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Badge, Certificate


In mathematics, communication skills supplement and enhance student conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and ability to solve problems. The 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice contained within the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) describe the processes and proficiencies that students should develop in age-appropriate progression throughout the math curriculum. The Communicating in Math Exploration focuses on reviewing the standards and creating a lesson plan that integrates a Mathematical Practice.


In this Exploration, you’ll focus on reviewing the standards and creating a lesson plan that integrates a Mathematical Practice.

  • Welcome/Explore:Explore the standards and apply a communication-based Mathematical Practice to a grade-level math standard.
  • Plan/Prepare: Review a variety of resources and get input from other teachers about how to teach communication skills using your selected standard(s) and Mathematical Practice collecting strategies to complete your lesson plan.
  • Teach/Reflect: Teach your lesson, evaluate what worked, and identify any challenges you may have encountered. Then reflect on the next steps needed to continue building upon what you’ve learned.

Course Instructors

Denise L Dennis

Denise L Dennis


Denise Dennis is an Associate Program Consultant at New Teacher Center, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of teachers. A graduate of Flagler College Tallahassee and Florida State University, she has worked in the field of special education since 1994 and was previously involved in early childhood programs. She is certified in Elementary, K-12 Special Education, and Middle School with Reading, Autism, and ESOL endorsements.