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What is a Learning Ecosystem, and Why Does It Matter? is a Course

What is a Learning Ecosystem, and Why Does It Matter?

Ended Apr 18, 2016

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Feb 22 - Apr 18, 2016


8 weeks


4 hrs/week


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This course provides an opportunity for learning professionals to map out the learning ecosystem structure by identifying where learning takes place within their organizations, pinpointing nodes of engagement within that structure, and developing a plan to improve human performance.

Current thinking reveals that performance is significantly impacted by our ability to learn continuously rather than during a specific period of time—such as in a classroom. As a result, present-day learning professionals are grappling with self-directed, independent learners who are savvier, more participative, and less attentive to one-dimensional, telling-type training solutions.


This course will enable participants to:

  • Define the term “learning ecosystem” and explain how the definition applies to their workplace.
  • Create a visual representation of their workplace learning ecosystem (as an infographic, Visio chart, mind map, Canva, drawing, or other images that depict data, information, and relationships).
  • Determine their zone of influence within their workplace learning ecosystem and identify at least one element of the system they can impact.
  • Develop a plan to leverage their workplace learning ecosystem in a way that improves human performance within the organization.

Course Instructors

Kim Whiteside

Kim Whiteside

Instructional Systems Designer

Kim is obsessed with light bulbs. Not the Thomas Edison kind—the proverbial kind that ignite when someone gains new insight and fresh awareness. Kim has a master’s degree in Adult Learning and Performance from Drake University. In her current role as Instructional Systems Designer at Metropolitan Community College, she partners with faculty and staff to create learning solutions for both credit and noncredit courses.

Karen Wegner

Instructional Systems Designer

In her professional career, Karen has applied her strengths and passion for learning in many capacities and roles, including classroom instruction, instructional systems design, directing elearning development, leading sales efforts for educational products, and independent consulting. In her current role at Metropolitan Community College, she serves the college through building instructional design capacity and developing digital learning solutions. Strengths include identifying strategies and establishing the systems, processes and infrastructure that enable people to learn and be successful in their work.