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You Matter: Understanding Intellectual Disability is a Course

You Matter: Understanding Intellectual Disability

Ended Dec 25, 2017

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Course Date:

Nov 13 - Dec 25, 2017


6 weeks


3 hrs/week



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Intellectual disability (known as learning disability in the UK) refers to significant impairments in learning, communication, negotiating some social situations, and developing everyday life skills. When people with intellectual disabilities have the right support, tailored to their needs, they can live fulfilling lives that meet their hopes and aspirations. In this course we listen to the life experiences of people with intellectual disabilities, learn about their families, friends and carers, and hear from professionals and academics to explore ways of improving our interactions with people with intellectual disabilities in any setting.


  • To gain understanding of the lived experiences of someone with an intellectual disability.
  • To explore the role of family and carers and the issues they face.
  • To explore current best practice and incorporate good ways of working into your own practice.
  • To reflect on your own role in meeting the hopes and aspirations of people with intellectual disability.

Target Audience: Anyone working with or caring for someone with an intellectual disability.

Course is offered by London South Bank University.

Course Instructors

Renée Francis

Renée Francis

Senior Lecturer

Renée Francis is a Senior Lecturer and the Course Director of the BSc (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing course at London South Bank University. Her research interests are focused on people with intellectual disabilities and supporting families of people with intellectual disabilities. Read More.

She is also interested in interprofessional learning and ensuring key messages about the health of people with intellectual disabilities are delivered across the nursing and midwifery curriculum.

Marion Jennings

Marion Jennings

Senior Lecturer

Jennings qualified as a Learning Disability Nurse in 1992 and has worked extensively in services for people with complex needs, including individuals living in community settings and those who have acquired brain injury. Read More.

She has worked at London South Bank University since 2012, and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities.

Jo Delrée

Jo Delrée

Senior Lecturer

Delrée is a registered nurse for people with learning disabilities (RNLD) and a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University. She has a special interest in Autism Spectrum conditions and people whose behaviour can be challenging to services. Read More.

Prior to working at LSBU, she managed services for people with autism spectrum disorders and complex needs, and provided training and consultancy services to individuals and organisations supporting this client group.

Gill Concannon

Gillian Concannon

Senior Lecturer

Gillian Concannon was born in South London and brought up in Belmont, Surrey. Read More.

After qualifying as a registered nurse in learning disabilities, she pursued a varied career including time spent as a registered home manager, a modern matron, project manager and latterly as a senior lecturer at a London university. Throughout her career she continued to study and gained a BSc (hons) in professional practice and an MSc (hons) in clinical studies. She is currently preparing to publish chapters in a book on learning disabilities.