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(K-12) Cybersecurity Education Program: Securing the Human is a Course

(K-12) Cybersecurity Education Program: Securing the Human

Ended Jun 29, 2018

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

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Course Date:

Apr 2 - Jun 29, 2018


16 weeks


1 hr/week


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Geared for California's K-12 public education employees, this course provides an engaging, high-quality, video-driven curriculum designed to teach how learners can better defend their local education agencies and their own families from cyber threats. According to the National Security Agency and dozens of other credible sources, 75%-91% of hackers target human behavior, not networks and technologies. This course will teach you HOW they take advantage of us and WHAT you can do to minimize the risks.


Recognize, avert, and report security threats inherent in various communication conventions. Topics presented include:

  • How to protect your children, personal computer, and your home network.
  • Browsing traps.
  • Email, phishing, and mobile messaging traps.
  • Password hygiene.
  • Social engineering.
  • Social network threats.
  • Mobile device security.
  • Data security and destruction.
  • Encryption basics.
  • Cloud services threats.
  • How to know if you’re hacked.
  • Understanding Wi-Fi hacks.
  • Privacy law.
  • Data retention in the work place.

Target Audience: All California K-12 local education agency (district) employees.

Requirement: California K-12 local education agency employees must register with their institutional email address to receive credit.

Course is offered by the K-12 High Speed Network.

Course Instructors

K-12 High Speed Network

K-12 High Speed Network

Course Designer

K12HSN is a state program funded by the California Department of Education. The mission of the California K-12 High Speed Network is to enable educators, students and staff across the state to have access to reliable high speed network which has the capacity to deliver high quality online resources to support teaching and learning and promote academic achievement.

Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh

Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh

Senior Program Developer and Administrator

Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh is a 17-year public education and project management professional with a passion for learning, teaching, and technology.