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Certificate in Basic Technical Writing with a Project Management Emphasis is a Course

Certificate in Basic Technical Writing with a Project Management Emphasis


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Full course description

Course Date:



6 weeks


2 hrs/week



Course Type:



Paid certificate


There is a strong connection between the project manager and the technical communicator, those of us tasked with creating complex content for our organizations using our writing, editing, and research skills . The skills that we refine over time as technical communicators have a critical place in project management: communicating content, identifying audience needs, extracting knowledge from subject matter experts, and ensuring quality deliverables. Many technical communicators can step into a project manager role using these highly transferable, existing skills. What are the transferable skills? How can you work toward a broader role in your organization? What is project management? Why is project management important to the technical communicator? Using an interdisciplinary approach applicable across multiple programs of study, this course enhances your understanding of project management and prepares you to step up successfully for project management assignments and roles in your career using basic technical writing skills.

Participants can choose to receive a paper-based certificate of completion at the end of this course from an Accredited University. The cost of the Certificate is $69 for both Domestic (credit card/PayPal/check) and International (PayPal only).

Earn an Accredited University Certificate and Badge Credential from See course description for more details.


Objectives: At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Articulate the definitions of technical communication and project and program management.
  • Describe the synergies between technical communication skills and project management skills.
  • Identify the characteristics of a project related to size and duration.
  • List the stakeholders of a project using the STARS stakeholder model.
  • Assign the three decision making profiles to stakeholders using a mapping process.
  • Recognize the close of a project and how to conduct a lessons learned assessment.

Course Instructors

Liz Herman

Liz Herman,


Liz Herman, PhD, PMP, CPTC, is a long-time technical communicator who applies the disciplines of technical writing, teaching and training, and knowledge management to her work.