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Creating Valuable Innovations is a Course

Creating Valuable Innovations

Ended Nov 7, 2018

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Full course description

Course Date:

Aug 27 - Nov 7, 2018


12 weeks


4 hrs/week



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This is the course Creating Valuable Innovations. It will help you - innovators, managers and entrepreneurs - to increase your chance to create successful innovations. Successful innovations are innovations that bring Value: to your customers, to society, to your organization, and to your stakeholders or shareholders. This course is the first step towards continuous learning and adapting to the increasingly complex organizational contexts of today.


At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the Vision & Mission of your organization.
  • Define the Business & Revenue Model of your organization using a Business Model Canvas.
  • Use the Balanced Score Card and Strategy Map to distinguish the main Strategic Objectives of your organization and their relation.
  • Identify the Value opportunities of innovation and define measures of success with strategic fit to your organization.
  • Define various innovation projects and select the most promising, based on their financial contribution and the match with the strategy of the organization.
  • Identify bottlenecks that keep you from realizing the full value potential of your innovation project.
  • Receive a set of tools from which you will select one that will solve your main issue and you will give this one a try.

Target Audience: Innovators, managers and entrepreneurs.

The course is offered to you by HZ University of Applied Sciences from Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Course Instructors

Ageeth van Maldegem

Ageeth van Maldegem

Lead Instructor

Ageeth van Maldegem teaches innovation and value thinking at the University of Applied Sciences Zeeland. She acquired a master’s degree in Marketing at the University of Maastricht and has been active for 20 years in the field of new product and service marketing. Since 2007, she has been part of the Academy of Economics & Management at the University of Applied Sciences Zeeland. In addition to her teaching activities, she is a PhD researcher. Her project explores the way in which small and medium-sized enterprises can improve their customer insights and increase their chances to create successful innovations. To this end, she works closely together with experts from the Cranfield University in England.