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Green Marketing is a Course

Green Marketing

Ended Nov 20, 2017

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Full course description

Course Date:

Oct 9 - Nov 20, 2017


6 weeks


3 hrs/week



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The course of Green Marketing responds to a need in the 21st century to move beyond simply considering traditional institutional approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and contributing to the community. Green Marketing attempts to redefine the role of marketing and corporations in general in society in a way that integrates and addresses the four pillars of sustainable development (SD) of economy, ecology, society, & culture through a holistic approach. By the end of the course, participants will gain an understanding of the global trend of moving towards "Green" products as well as how to capitalize on this trend for both financial and social success.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the underlying theories regarding Green Marketing.
  • Differentiate between environmentally friendly practices, CSR, & and Green Marketing.
  • Understand Green Marketing in a Strategic Context.
  • Realize the imperative of Green Marketing in a practical context.
  • Be able to make a basic analysis and assessment of a company's green marketing strategy.

Target Audience: Business Undergraduate and graduate students; life-long learners; marketing practitioners.

Course is offered by Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development.

Course Instructors

Omar H. Eldahan

Omar H. Eldahan

Lead Instructor

Omar H. Eldahan has worked for years in the field of sustainable development (SD), blending the traditional practices and methodologies of business administration and marketing with the transformational approach of SD. Read More.

Mr. Eldahan has reoriented and taught various business courses towards SD and is currently involved in researching different methods and pedagogical approaches for teaching such content in modern, online settings.