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Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 "Pizza Bomber" is a Course

Investigative Concepts: FBI Major Case #203 "Pizza Bomber"

Ended Dec 1, 2014

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Starts October 6, 2014

This six-week course is designed to help the criminal justice student learn how to gather, analyze, and process data in the course of large scale criminal case investigations. Topics include investigative techniques, photography, note taking, and sketching; identifying, collecting, examining, and processing physical evidence; and obtaining information about suspects as well as identifying and locating suspects. The FBI Major Case #203, “Pizza Bomber” investigation will be utilized as a case study for this course. Every investigative step taken during the course of the investigation will be analyzed and discussed. Each week will include engaging activities for course participants.

This open course contains discussion themes and images that some participants may find disturbing. Participant discretion is advised.

Topics covered include:

  • Week One: Rules and laws
  • Week Two: Organization of the Investigative Process
  • Week Three: The Preliminary Crime Scene Investigation
  • Week Four: The Crime Scene Search
  • Week Five: The Follow-Up Checklist
  • Week Six: Legal Processes

Required text

Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America's Most Shocking Bank Robbery. Can be purchased from Penguin Press. Cost: $9.99

Jerry Clark, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Gannon University

Jerry Clark has 27 years of experience in local and federal law enforcement. In his federal law enforcement career he served as Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). He retired from the FBI’s Pittsburgh Division in June 2011. He was the lead investigator on “Collar Bomb,” FBI Major Case #203, also known as the “Pizza Bomber” case—one of the few major cases in the FBI’s history. He holds a B.A. in psychology, an M.A. in forensic psychology, and a Ph.D. in public service leadership and criminology. He is the co-author of “Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery,” published by Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing. The book rights have been optioned with the story to be made into a feature film.

In this course, he will present a fascinating account of the Pizza Bomber case and will describe the intricate details of the investigation leading to the resolution of the investigation. He will explain what drove this complex group of “fractured intellectuals” to execute a bank robbery plot that ranks as one of the most chilling and diabolical in the history of crime in the United States.