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Use Mapping to Position Your Brand is a Course

Use Mapping to Position Your Brand

Started Aug 30, 2013

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Starts August 30, 2013

When it comes to improving sales and market share, knowing what consumers want isn’t enough. You also need to know what they believe your product or service, and your competitors’, provides. In this course, you’ll examine perceptual maps, which are used to identify how consumers differentiate among products and how they perceive one product relative to another. These maps are valuable for identifying opportunities to introduce and position new products, repositioning existing products, and identifying your true competitors. You will also examine positioning statements, which are the foundation of an overall marketing effort, and learn how to create a positioning statement for your brand.

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Sachin Gupta, Ph.D

Professor of Marketing

Professor Gupta's research focuses on analytical models of marketing phenomena, including discrete choice models of consumer behavior, marketing mix models, measurement of returns on marketing investments, pricing, promotions, and advertising decisions, channel relationships, and so forth. He is especially interested in the prescription drug and consumer goods industries.

In 2008 one of Professor Gupta’s papers received the O’Dell award of the American Marketing Association. This award is given to the authors of the best article published in the Journal of Marketing Research five years before. Professor Gupta also received the Paul Green award of the American Marketing Association in 2003. In 2007, he received the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly's best paper award for his article on customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. Professor Gupta serves on the editorial boards of Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing Research.

At Cornell’s Johnson School, Gupta teaches the core Marketing Management course, as well as a popular elective course called Data Driven Marketing. In 2009, he received the Stephen Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, given by the Johnson class of 2004, at their fifth reunion. The 2007 graduating MBA class selected him to receive the Apple Award for Teaching Excellence. Gupta previously taught at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where he received the Sidney Levy Award for teaching excellence.