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Exploring Sustainability is a Course

Exploring Sustainability

Jan 7 - May 31, 2019

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Full course description

Course Date:

Jan 7 - May 31, 2019


13 weeks


2-3 hrs/week



Course Type:





This online course explores diverse ideas of sustainability. Historians, architects, biologists, archaeologists and political scientists guide you through complex questions related to food production, indigenous-settler relations, land use, energy, resource allocation, water and urbanization. Learn through engaging videos, and online discussions.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Decide to become more involved in sustainability in some way;
  • Value the importance of many diverse voices at the table in this field of study;
  • Have learned about their own pre-existing sustainability values;
  • Effect personal change about sustainability issues.

Target Audience: Prospective SUST students in high school, Dalhousie employees, friends and family of students and alumni, and lifelong learners.

Course is offered by Dalhousie University.

Course Instructors

Steve Mannell

Steve Mannell


Steven Mannell, NSAA, FRAIC, is founding Director of Dalhousie University's College of Sustainability. He is a practicing architect and Professor of Architecture. Read More.

His research includes waterworks architecture and engineering, the conservation of modern built heritage, and the late 20th century emergence of “ecological” architecture. He is curator and author of Atlantic Modern: The Architecture of the Atlantic Provinces 1950-2000 (2001) and Living Lightly on the Earth: Building an Ark for Prince Edward Island 1974-76 (2016). He was part of the teaching team that designed SUST 1000, the College of Sustainability’s introductory course, which he continues to co-teach.

Steve is a native of Oakville ON, and has lived with his family in Halifax since 1997. He spends summers off grid in a cabin on a small island in Medway Harbour, sailing whenever he can get away, and devotes as much time as possible year-round to playing clawhammer banjo and to living the life of a low-impact urban homesteader.

Bridget Graham

Bridget Graham

Course Coordinator

Bridget Graham, MA, is the current Engagement and Retention Coordinator in Dalhousie University’s College of Sustainability. She has been in that role since 2017, and enjoys supporting current, prospective and former students in the College of Sustainability. Read More.

In 2015, she completed a Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours degree in Environment, Sustainability and Society and Canadian Studies. Her masters’ research focused on five diaries of Silas Tertius Rand, a nineteenth century Baptist missionary and linguist in Nova Scotia.

Bridget is originally from Beachburg, Ontario, but she has lived in Halifax/K’jipuktuk, Mi’kmaq Territory since 2011. She is a full-spectrum doula in-training with Doula Canada. Bridget’s preferred pronouns are she/her.