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Engaging and Empowering - How to Become an Effective Mentor for Vulnerable Youth is a Course

Engaging and Empowering - How to Become an Effective Mentor for Vulnerable Youth

Ended Apr 23, 2018

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Course Date:

Feb 12 - Apr 23, 2018


10 weeks


3 hrs/week



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This 9-module course is designed for people interested in mentoring vulnerable youth by helping them overcome barriers and build resilience. The course will sensitize you to the issues facing vulnerable youth and equip you with effective mentoring tools. We'll walk you through the 3-E mentorship stages—Establishing, Engaging, and Empowering—to help you build a fruitful mentoring relationship with your mentee(s).

For organizations who want to enhance their capacity to serve vulnerable youth and to ensure that they have equitable access to supportive adults, the course provides not only professional development for your staff and volunteers, but opportunities for them to meet and collaborate with allies across the globe.


Mentors who take this course will:

  • Deepen their understanding of youth vulnerability.
  • Be sensitized to the particular challenges and barriers facing vulnerable youth.
  • Learn practical strategies to keep youth engaged.
  • Learn and practice coaching techniques to empower youth.
  • Find allies and build cross-sector service alliances for their clients.
  • Develop their capacity to become well-rounded mentors.

Organizations whose staff and volunteers take this course can expect to:

  • Better equip mentors for positive youth development.
  • Enhance their capacity to serve vulnerable youth.
  • Increase vulnerable youths’ access to trained supportive adults who can engage and empower them.

Target Audience: Youth program staff and volunteers, people who wanting to help vulnerable youth in a structured mentoring relationship.

Course is offered by CultureLink.

Course Instructors

Fei Tang

Fei Tang


Fei Tang is a Social Innovation Consultant, Curriculum Designer, and MOOC Producer. As a MOOC production pioneer in Canada’s nonprofit sector, she piloted three e-learning projects to experiment with delivering social services on the MOOC platform. Her team produced the first so-called Social MOOC in Canada, which reached more than 5,000 students. In June 2016, Fei Tang’s Social MOOC initiative won Toronto Foundation’s Vital Idea Award. Prior to her MOOC consulting career, for eight years, Fei managed a mentoring program for CultureLink, a Toronto-based charity, which enlists more than a thousand volunteer mentors to help vulnerable clients overcome barriers. A seasoned trainer and speaker, Fei designed and facilitated dozens of training sessions for mentors.

Helen Latimer

Helen Latimer


Founder and Principal of 925 Resources Inc., a training and professional development site for office professionals, Helen is a former executive with over 20 years of corporate experience, a certified coach and author of a book on career planning. A dynamic keynote speaker, e-learning practioner and workshop facilitator and leader, Helen loves to share her expertise on mentoring, networking, resilience building and career planning with audiences large and small, virtually and in person. Her extensive business experience includes running her own consulting firm and serving as both a Director and Vice President with DIRECTV Inc. in Los Angeles.