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Conflict Management for College Students is a Course

Conflict Management for College Students

Dec 2 - Apr 30, 2021


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Ends April 30, 2021




1 hr/week



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Certificate (free)


Conflicts with roommates, professors, classmates, co-workers, and club members are a common part of the college experience. This interactive course is designed to help you successfully manage the interpersonal disputes you encounter during your time in higher ed. You’ll learn about common causes of conflict and explore challenging situations that college students regularly encounter. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to identify your personal patterns of reacting in conflict, and learn effective dispute management and communication skills.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify conflict as an opportunity for change and growth.
  • Recognize benefits of communication when in conflict.
  • Determine common escalation points during interpersonal conflict.
  • Provide conflict management resources for online students.

Target Audience: College students, and those looking for effective conflict management tools.

Course is offered by Colorado State University.

Course Instructors

Brooke Winchmann

Brooke Winchmann


Brooke Wichmann is the Associate Director of Conflict Resolution within the Student Resolution Center at Colorado State University. Read More.

Brooke has seven years of experience working in the conflict resolution field. She is a certified conflict management coach and is licensed to administer the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment. She attained an M.A. in Peace Education from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace.

David D'Alessandro

David D'Alessandro


Dave D’Alessandro is the Assistant Director of Conflict Resolution Services in the Student Resolution Center at Colorado State University. Read More.

He works with students to help them resolve conflicts they encounter during their collegiate career at CSU. Dave earned his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder and an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He currently serves as a co-facilitator for Men in the Movement.


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