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A Preview Course on Collaborative Knowledge Services is a Course

A Preview Course on Collaborative Knowledge Services



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1-2 hours



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This is a preview – a glimpse – into Collaborative Knowledge Services, a critical component of the knowledge disciplines. Why a preview into knowledge services? As we learn from Ed Hoffman, PhD, a long-time IKNS instructor, and Chief Knowledge Officer for NASA, knowledge services are how we, as leaders, help organizations and networks share and produce knowledge to achieve performance and impact. Why collaborative knowledge services? Knowledge services cannot be technology, data or content alone. It’s about humans coming together. No one person, no one organization, no one institution, no one nation can know it all. In the end, it's all about how we come together. We contend that convening collaboration is the single most important leadership skill of our time. With this preview, we invite you into the “community of conveners.”


Course participants will learn about:

  • Business goals for knowledge services
  • Difference between information management and collaboration, as ways of classifying two types of knowledge services.
  • Collaborative knowledge services 1: How “lessons learned” are part of a class of knowledge elicitation approaches, and how knowledge practitioners design those elicitation approaches.
  • Collaborative knowledge services 2: How “communities of practice” require design, and what factors should go into designing communities of practice.
  • Collaborative knowledge services 3: How “storytelling” is a unique approach to activating tacit knowledge, and how to structure and orient stories.

Target Audience: Managers.

Course is offered by Columbia University.

Course Instructors

Ed Hoffman

Ed Hoffman

Lecturer at Columbia University

Dr. Ed Hoffman is NASA Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), and has been on the faculty of the IKNS Program since 2011. Ed teaches Building Effective Knowledge Strategy and Services. He works within NASA industry, academia, professional associations, and other agencies to develop NASA’s capabilities in knowledge-practice, program and project management and engineering. He focuses on the policies, strategies, processes and practices for promoting a successful knowledge culture in support of mission success. Prior to his CKO roles he led the NASA Academy of Program Project and Engineering Leadership (APPEL) for over twenty years. Ed has a PhD in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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